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GRS Frosted Refrigerator 6 ft GDR138-GFT-2

  • Adjustable feet
  • Wire rod grills

At GRS we give you many more benefits

Looking for a multifunctional refrigerator for business or home use? At GRS we guarantee your investment. Our refrigerators are versatile, powerful and easy to clean. All of our models have high-efficiency compressors, which guarantees that your electricity bill does not increase at the end of the month . Our two-door GRD-138GFT and GRD-138VCM models give you many more benefits.

You will fall in love with our removable packaging

Tired of trying unsuccessfully to clean that green stain off your refrigerator packaging? Tired of battling with bugs and tartar that build up? GRS is the only refrigerator that offers you an easily removable packaging.

With this you can avoid tartar, insects and the spread of bacteria that accumulate by fungi. With GRS the cleanliness of your refrigerator is guaranteed, because we are the only option with removable and easily washable packaging .

Uniform cold and resistance

Our frosty refrigerator lines feature wire rod grills. These are not only more resistant, but they allow the cold to circulate more evenly inside your refrigerator , which guarantees you a perfect temperature and greater energy efficiency.

In our wire rod grills you can place many more cold drinks such as : sodas, soft drinks, natural juices, milk, beers, plain water and other products such as: yogurt, cheese, ham, sausages, sausages, sausages, mortadella, cream, margarine, cheese cream, cottage cheese, layered cheese, fresh cheese, butter, vegetables and fruits such as: tomatoes, grapes, onion, chili pepper, carrot, avocados, and of course your prepared foods.

Additionally, our grills have an anti-corrosive coating and allow for proper weight distribution of more than 50 pounds . Our refrigerators have many more levels to regulate the height of the products you want to store.

High energy efficiency

Our refrigerators have high-efficiency compressors (Tecnofrost) and allow us to maintain a constant temperature, which we can adjust in temperatures between 10 to 0 degrees. With GRS we guarantee that the temperature will be maintained for a longer time even if there are interruptions in the electrical flow.

Close and open the freezer of your refrigerator that you will not consume more energy

The freezers of our refrigerators produce a fine frost that allows you to keep your products at suitable temperatures and promote energy savings , since they avoid the compressor having to be activated each time you open the refrigerator.

Set your freezer between -1 and -18 degrees Celsius and keep your chicken, meat, shrimp, fish, crab, ice, frozen food, ice cream, chocobananas, bread, natural preserves, turkeys, octopus, crab, legs of beef and many other foods.



Manual defrost
1 vegetable drawer in refrigerator
Freezer temperature: 0 to -18 ° C
Refrigerator temperature: 10 to 0 ° C
Capacity 138 liters / 6 ft³
Handles Overlapping
Voltage / Frequency 115 V / 60 Hz
Grills Wire rod
Dimensions (Width × Height × Depth) 48 × 120 x 57 cm
Temperature control Knob / Manual
Energy consumption 0.70 kw
Warranty 2 years
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