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LG 300 W Minicomponent XBOOM CK43

  • 300 watts
  • Folder Browser
  • Wireless Party Link
  • TV Sound Sync
  • Multi Bluetooth

This minicomponent is equipped with a stereo auxiliary input, as well as two USB ports, ready to play digital music comfortably.

Easily control the volume and folder navigator with the rotary knobs on the front of the main unit.

Enjoy your favorite shows, novels, sports and movies with powerful sound. No cables are needed to connect this product to your LG TV. You can also easily control the volume with the TV remote control.

The Wireless Party Link allows you to connect two LG mini-components creating surround sound and increasing its power; And best of all, any LG minicomponent that is compatible can work so you can mix and match.

Connect up to 3 devices to the minicomponent via bluetooth and create a playlist, without interrupting the party. Choose any available song and add it to the queue.

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