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GRS Closed lid freezer 7 ft GF200ST

  • Lockable door
  • Temperature indicator
  • 1 Wire rod basket
  • Corrosion resistant plasticized inner walls and base

GRS takes care of the security of your investment. That’s why the 7 ft³ GRS GF 200 Freezer has a lockable door to lock your items. This is extremely valuable if your stall or store is in a market or in a public place.

Do you need to chill your carbonated waters, juices or beers? You can do it! Do you need to store ice cream? You can do it! Do you need to make ice? You can do it! With its innovative 3Flex technology, this freezer can handle 3 temperature ranges to suit your needs. The Cooler temperature range is from 10 ° C to 0 ° C and you can store all kinds of soft drinks, natural juices, butter, milk, cream, cottage cheese, yogurt, fruits and vegetables. The Maintainer temperature range that goes from -1 ° C to -7 ° C is ideal for fish, shrimp, octopus, crab, cold cuts, hams, mortadelas, sausages, sausages, sausages, meat patties for hamburgers, chicken, hen, medallions, turkey and other birds. And the temperature range Freezer , which ranges from -8 ° C to -18 ° C, is suitable for beef, pork, lamb, goat meat, rabbit meat, ice cream, chocobananas, snows and ice.

In the event of power outages in your area, at GRS we support you with up to 8 hours of cold temperature and up to one hour with frozen temperature, with our “Frozen Wall” technology, which is made up of blue cooling gel plates. .

Do you have to continuously rotate your product because the temperature is not uniform? Forget about this problem with GRS . Our Total Cool technology, which is a perimeter cold piping system on all four walls and on the floor of the freezer, provides an even distribution of cooling throughout your freezer. With Total Cool, you reach the desired temperature level faster and thus save more electrical energy in real terms, since the compressor works less time. Additionally, both the walls and the floor have a white pre-painted sheet with corrosion-resistant material. This material is very easy to clean and maintain, which extends the life of your GRS freezer.

Do you have little space in your business? GRS thinks of you! With its 4 sturdy wheels and front drain, you can easily clean your freezer without handling the equipment so much.

Do you need to multiply the space in your freezer and better distribute the cold? You have the solution with our corrosion resistant coated wire rod baskets , which you can easily remove, clean and put on. These baskets are extremely resistant, and thanks to their design and structure, your products obtain a totally uniform cooling.

This freezer measures 86cm wide x 82cm high x 54cm deep. If you need a smaller one you can check out the GF 150 5 ft³ Closed Lid Freezer , or if you need a larger one you can check out the GF 230 9 ft³ Closed Lid Freezer .

With all these benefits, you can tell that GRS truly thinks about the success of your business. Let us grow with you.

Manual defrost for easy cleaning
Front drain
Capacity:  180 liters / 7 ft³
Cool (10 ° to 0 ° C)
Maintains (-1 ° to -7 ° C) 
Freeze (-8 ° to -18 ° C)
Voltage / Frequency: 110 V / 60 Hz
Dimensions (Width × Height × Depth):
86 × 82 × 54 cm
Energy consumption: 1.2 kW / 24 h
Frozen Wall: Si
Handle: Overlay
Warranty: 1 year
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