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Oster ActiveSense Blender BLSTTDTN00

The Oster® Blender with ActiveSense ™ Technology detects ingredients by adjusting the speed and direction of the blade and the blender time to achieve perfect results.

Take the guesswork out of blending! The Oster® blender with ActiveSense ™ Technology has sensors that detect ingredients and adjust the speed, direction and time the reversible blades should operate in each set program. It includes a notification that alerts if it is necessary to add more liquid to the glass. You just have to select the program and the desired consistency, whether it is thicker, more liquid, with or without chunks and the blender does everything for you until you get the perfect texture! Advanced Active Sense ™ technology allows your blender to sense what is in the glass and adjust the blending process to prepare the food you want with the consistency you expect.

  • Five automatic programs for shakes, sauces, milkshakes, ice drinks and juices; plus three manual speeds and a pulse function
  • ActiveSense ™ Technology – sensors that work with the five automatic programs to match just the right speed and blending time needed to achieve the desired texture, whether thick or runny, chunky or chunky
  • Sensor that tells you when there is not enough liquid in the glass to blend properly, stopping the blending process and notifying you to add more liquid
  • Motor with reversible technology with two horsepower at its peak power, which rotates the blades back and forth, fully processing all foods, to achieve a uniform and homogeneous blending
  • 2 liter (8 cup) glass with Tritan ™ technology, a super resistant plastic to impacts and scratches, odors, stains and BPA free *
  • Revolutionary twice the size ** blade with six stainless steel blades hails ice easily
  • Unique All-Metal-Drive® metal-to-metal coupling system for increased blender durability
  • Includes a nutrition guide with more than 70 healthy recipes as part of a five meal a day plan * BPA: Bisphenol A is a chemical ** Compared to Oster® BLSTAA4961
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